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Individual shoots are useful for audition photos, head shots, documenting a time in your dance life, or marketing yourself on social media. These sessions are available to professionals as well as pre-professionals and young students.

I also offer shoot opportunities to professionals when I travel or have a special project. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to catch those opportunities!


For ballet and dance companies I offer performance photography & behind the scenes photography to use for marketing. I believe it's valuable to have a mixture of photos showcasing flattering technique, emotional connection, and an insight to how it all comes together. I deliver the best of the best images - no sickled feet or unfinished jumps!

Professional Companies

For dance schools I offer a variety of coverage to meet your marketing and student's needs. This includes recital photography, company shoots on location, and coverage of special events such as a master class or workshop.

Recital photography is shot with technique in mind, but is primarily there to capture students on stage. A studio setup may be brought in a few weeks before the recital to capture the dancers posing in their costumes. Photos are available for the dancers & parents to purchase in print and/or digital form. 

Company photoshoots on location are usually done at the start of the school year. These shoots can include any or all of the following: head shots, large groups, small groups, and individual posing.

A meeting will be set for any of these projects to discuss all the details!

Dance Schools

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